We’re delighted to welcome another guest blog to the AIEA this week with our thanks to Julian and the team at studio venues…

I’m sure as “modestly sized” agents you know as much as anyone how your priorities can change at the drop of a hat; that sudden last minute brief from a client or perhaps a crisis call forcing you to drop everything and turn your attentions to something completely unplanned.

Life in a small venue company is no different. Today plans to review ideas for the expansion of thestudio Leeds went out of the window when we received a call from the chef in our Birmingham venue to say the gas had “gone off” hence the hobs required to prepare tonight’s dinner were lacking in flame.

Never being ones to shy away from a creative challenge thestudio team’s minds went in to collective overdrive and suddenly possible solutions were coming in thick and fast. Ideas turned from lighting the rooftop bbq grills (perfect on a sunny summer evening) to borrowing the electric hobs from our Manchester venue. With briquettes and vans on standby we eagerly awaited news from an emergency engineer who was called to investigate the problem.  The one thing we were certain is that NOTHING was going to affect delivery of the meal we’d promised to our client and that we would do everything in our power to resolve the issue and to avoid instilling any panic in our clients, who quite honestly have plenty enough on their minds.

This is where the similarity between smaller agencies and venues is clear, we both exist to ensure the needs of our customers are always first and we work together to ensure we understand those needs are delivered without drama. Our teams all understand the value of the relationships we have and the importance of making sure they aren’t compromised. Which is why we’re all passionate enough to drop everything to come up with the solutions required.

At each of thestudios we’ve designed environments that encourage our guests to be as creative as possible; we like to think that it also helps us to step up to the mark with some emergency creativity when needed.  In this case noticing that someone had accidentally switched off a gas tap may well have helped avoid the need – however I’m sure you’re reassured that we – like you, always have everything under control!

If you’re interested in working together to deliver your client’s brief or even just want to share your thoughts on how venues and agents can collaborate more closely then I’m always happy to talk. Drop me a line Julian@studiovenues.co.uk tel 0121 634 2821.