As a not for profit organisation the Alliance is dedicated to making a difference, and, addition to the individual support we provide to members who are individually raising money for their personal charities and causes, we also want to try and do something to support those less fortunate than ourselves.
This year’s AIEA Christmas Charity event will take place on 19th December at Tobacco Dock, in conjunction with The Childhood Trust which is a fantastic charity supporting children living in poverty in London. Please see their website:

There will be a Christmas market with stalls of various things that these children need and that could help them have a lovely Christmas.

If you would like to donate your time on the day please contact Audrey on for more details.


For the price of a couple of coffees, you can make a difference £10.00+vat

Too much caffeine isn’t good for you anyway! If you can spare a tenner (plus the Chancellor’s slice) you’ll be a bigger help than you imagine.


The cost of a pizza will enable us to buy toiletries and other necessities £50.00+vat

Think of the calories, and after the Summer holidays… seriously, you’re doing yourself a favour. Who needs a Spicy Pepperoni with extra mushrooms and olives, when you could be funding shampoo and shower gel.


Every donation is welcome – whether it’s loose change, or a small windfall!

It’s Christmas – a time for giving, a time for sharing. Maybe you don’t drink coffee or eat pizza, but want to donate anyway. Donate what you wish, every penny counts. Thank you.

You choose!

Want to Help but Can’t Attend in Person?

  • Donate £50+vat & we will list you on the AIEA Website
  • Donate £75+vat & we will list you on the AIEA Website & give you a Social Media Shout Out
  • Donate £150+vat and in addition to the above, you’ll go into a draw to win a free place at the AIEA Awards in January 2024

Anything you can do to help and help us #MakeaDifference is hugely appreciated.

Thank you.

Donate now