AIEA terms and conditions of membership.

  1. Membership is strictly for agencies only.
  2. Membership is for Independent agencies which are privately owned and where the owners are directly involved in the business. (min 2yrs experience and less than 20 employees)
  3. The MD/Owner must complete the membership application and be directly involved with the Alliance.
  4. Members must retain their impartiality and not exclude the consideration of any venue or hotel due to agreements it has with any third party, e.g. ‘Override Contracts’.
  5. Members must be actively involved with the Alliance by sharing information and experiences, responding to polls and attend at least two meeting per year.
  6. Members of the Alliance can be a member of any other association.
  7. Under no circumstances are members allowed to use the name of the Alliance for any grievance or negotiation with any third party in order to serve their individual needs.
  8. Members should adhere to the Alliance Code of Best Practise. However, this does not compete or conflict with associations such as the HBAA but is made to enhance and promote areas that apply particularly to smaller, independent agencies.
  9. Members should through informed and good practices, aim to prioritise the needs, wellbeing and satisfaction of their clients at all times.
  10. Any information discussed within in the Alliance should be treated as confidential and not shared with any non-member unless approved by the membership.
  11. Members are encouraged to explain the benefits and share experiences of the Alliance to other agents in order to encourage them to join but excluding any confidential information as outlined in item 10.
  12. Members are allowed to use the Alliance logo on any marketing or promotional material including, business cards, websites, presentations, etc.
  13. Only the nominated signatories are allowed to sign contracts or make payments on behalf of the Alliance.
  14. The Alliance reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member if they breach it’s rules and by law or if the directors believe it’s in the best interest of the Alliance.
  15. Membership fees are due annually. New members joining part way through the year will pay on a pro rata basis.
  16. If a membership is ceased or terminated the membership fee is forfeit.

Member Details

  • Membership of the Alliance is restricted to businesses working as agents and/or venue finders within the events industry. Applications for membership are reviewed by the board, whose decision is final. As such, any information in support of your application should be detailed below.

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