A network of knowledge and experience

About us

The AIEA is an Alliance of independent and privately owned event agencies working in the meetings, incentives, conference and events (MICE) sector. We are a group of unique and individual companies and as members of the AIEA we network and share our knowledge, experience and resource to enable us to provide the best quality service to our clients.

The AIEA is a non profit organisation.

Networking with event agencies

There are a large number of small to medium sized independent event agencies in the UK who are responsible for a significant proportion of the business generated in the MICE sector. Working closely with our own select client base we create very little threat to each other. Indeed, many of us have become close friends and associates. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience between us and when shared enables our individual businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably. As membership increases we believe the Alliance as a whole will quickly become one of the top 10 MICE buyers in the UK market.

The Alliance is not a competitor to any other existing association or society. We are happy to work with and alongside other organisations that benefit our industry as long as they share the same values and aims as we do.

Engaging with suppliers

Our suppliers are hotels and other unique venues that offer first class meeting and event space. The relationships we have with them are vitally important as they provide us, through meetings, forums, exhibitions and fam trips, the information we need and to keep our clients up to date.

The main criteria for choosing a supplier is that they fit our client brief. We are completely independent and do not favour or exclude any venue based on prearranged override or fulfilment contracts. Our suppliers also understand the value we add to the booking process and work closely with us to make sure our client’s expectations and needs are fulfilled.   

Benefiting our clients

You may already be working with a small independent event agent to help you find that perfect venue for your next meeting or event. You’ll know the benefits of having a very professional and personal relationship with them and having a single point of contact from start to finish. If you don’t, then why not contact one of us today and find out how we can help you.

You may not know that as small independent companies we actually talk and share our knowledge and experience on the venues we use. The AIEA has been created to help independent agents share information in order to provide you our clients with the very best service.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more information about the AIEA please feel free to email us below.