Communications Agreement for using the AIEA app


Thank you for applying to use the AIEA membership communication channel.

In order to use the AIEA SLACK App we ask you to agree to the following:

  1. Suppliers should post on the channel most relative to the discussion topic.
  2. Please restrict posts to a maximum of 100 words plus one image if required. If you would like members to respond to you please add your email and contact details to the post.
  3. Suppliers are permitted a maximum of one post per month. This is to avoid the membership being overwhelmed by supplier postings
  4. Posts should be relevant to the AIEA membership. Please do not include general marketing which is received by email already
  5. If you have a special commission offer for AIEA members this should be posted on the commission channel of the App.
  6. Should a member want to contact you directly, they will open a direct communication with you via the app or of course via email. This will ensure the “conversation” is kept between the two relevant parties and the membership do not receive unwanted communications.


To help us communicate with you in the right way, we would like to understand which industry section you are part of. Please help us to do so by completing the form below. The categories include:

Hotel Group – For UK and international hotel groups.

Hotels International – For international hotels.

Hotels UK & Ireland  – For UK & Ireland hotels

Destination & Representation  – For destination information and will be used by DMC’s, convention bureaus and local tourist offices and representation companies (DMC’s and hotels)

Venues – For stand-alone venues.

Other – For AV, entertainment, catering, transport, corporate gifts, etc)


By completing the form below you are agreeing to the above communication agreement.

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