Code of Conduct

Membership is for Agencies and Venue Finders working within the MICE sector. Members must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Privately owned and owner managed – the Principal(s) must be directly involved in the day-to-day running of the business, and a Principal must be the signatory on the membership application form.
  • Being established at least two years – this refers to the business itself, and not to the experience of the Principal(s).
  • Maximum staff headcount of 20 – this includes full-time and part-time staff, plus continuously retained self-employed staff.

These criteria are to be interpreted and applied at the discretion of the executive board. In the case of an application being declined, the AIEA is not obligated to divulge the reasons for declining the application. The decision of the executive board is final.

Members should at all times adopt best practices. This includes, but is not limited to, always acting in the best interest of the client. This overrides any preferred supplier or other agreement that the member may have in place.

Members are required to actively support and participate in the AIEA’s activities. This may include attendance at live and/or virtual events from time to time, either by the Principal(s) or by a suitable deputy.

Members are at liberty to retain membership of any other industry body or organisation. Should a conflict of interest arise (as deemed by the executive board), then the member may be asked either terminate membership of the relevant organisation; should the member decline, this may be viewed by the executive board as sufficient reason to terminate the membership of the Alliance. This would be pursuant to discussion with the member.

Members are not permitted to cite membership of the Alliance in any dispute with a third party, in an attempt to strengthen their own position. The Advisory Board may be able to offer advice or guidance, but will not act on behalf of the member.

Information and data discussed within the Alliance and amongst its members must be treated as confidential, and is not for sharing or distribution outside of the Alliance. Similarly, use of the Alliance logo is actively encouraged on websites, email signatures, letterheads, collateral etc, but must not be shared with non-members for their own use. Any member found to be breaching this trust may have the membership cancelled.

Contracts, agreements and other formal documents may only be signed on behalf of the AIEA by members of the Board of Directors, as registered at Companies House. No other commitments may be entered into on behalf of the Alliance.

Membership fees are due annually and invoices will be issued on or around the start of the calendar year, to cover the whole of that calendar year. When issued part way through a calendar year, the invoice will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, to cover unexpired quarters. Payment terms are 30 days, unless otherwise stated in advance.

In the event of the executive board believing that a member has breached any of the above terms, then membership may be cancelled and the membership fees for the unexpired portion of the calendar year will be forfeit. The use of the AIEA logo must also be ceased with immediate effect.

Last updated 09/12/2021