Sonia Sansom, AIEA Committee Member from E2E Events suggests five ways to build your team
virtually, even in lockdown.

Water cooler banter is a distant memory. No-one knows how their colleagues take their tea any
more. Tempers are fraying. Months of virtual working have taken their toll on most individuals and
As Covid restrictions tighten and we have entered a second lockdown, a dark, dank and wet one, there really
has never been a greater need to give your team members a boost and pull them together into a
more coherent, effective unit. Unlike the first lockdown, now there are enticing options available,
most of which last for one to two hours. Here are my favourite five but get in touch for more ideas:

1. Santa globetrotting.
Hold onto your sleigh for this wacky, fun team builder. Participants collaborate with their
remote working colleagues to compete in as many festive themed challenges as
possible. Create an origami Christmas Tree in China, show off your ice skating skills in Central
Park or go all out with your rendition of 12 Days of Christmas while in England. There’s
plenty of Christmas cheer in this unforgettable adventure! And non-festive versions if you’d

2. Remote gastronomy or cocktail making.
Everyone decamps from their sofa, dining table, dressing table, makeshift desk on the
washing machine or wherever they’ve been working to the kitchen to prepare and cook
(pre-arranged) ingredients, compete in a virtual bake-off or channel their inner Tom Cruise
to mix some cocktails. Whether you make it Christmas focused, sustainable or adventurous,
it’s a chance for everyone to achieve something tangible in a short length of time. At the
end, the team can enjoy the dishes – or tipples – they’ve prepared together via Zoom or

3. Virtual survival training.
Bring out the inner Bear Grylls in team members and help them prepare for the apocalypse.
With a focus on problem solving through a series of timed challenges, the aim is morale
boosting and creating a “feel good” factor. Given the crazy world we live in, this is one
where the content feels like it might actually one day be useful.

4. Escape rooms.
Since the escape room industry is a pretty young one, it has been well-placed to adapt to
Covid and shift online. Creating one was a lockdown project for a good number of people
but you’ll need a professional version to accommodate team members working together
from different locations. Get the best brains puzzling over conundrums with a tight deadline
to keep things focused.

5. Entertainment.
If your team members are the sort to cringe at the prospect of joining in, get them talking
about a shared experience instead. Introduce something different at a virtual team meeting,
like sand art, a shadow show or magician, to make your team feel valued and fill them with a
sense of awe. Some options can be branded and re-used afterwards on your website