This week’s blog is from Martin Jack from Think Different Events.

You may have the best venue, the best event programme, the best client and the best team behind you.

However, without possessing excellent communication skills, your role as an event organiser may stumble at the first hurdle.

In today’s world, communication encompasses many areas. The written word, the spoken word, the ability to combine words with compelling imagery, and, in a format that can be published both in print and digitally.

Your event will stand or fall on your ability to communicate with

• Your client – What is it that the client is actually asking for?

• Your audience – What information will make the potential audience decide to attend?

• Your speakers/presenters – How do you ensure that the speakers and presenters tailor their contribution to the audience profile?

• The venue and others in the supply chain – What information is required by the venue and the supply chain to ensure all goes well on the day?

• Finally, your own team – What do you expect from the team and what do they expect from you?

You also need to remember that the skill of being able to Listen is just as important as that of Imparting information.

When organising an event, listening to what is being said by all involved will ensure proper planning is in place to deliver a memorable experience for everyone.