This weeks blog has been written by Paula Kelsey from Cloud9.

Selling from Suppliers

As agents our inboxes are regularly overflowing with sales emails, newsletters and general catch-up emails from suppliers, and occasionally, with the right relevant client enquiry sitting open, they can be extremely fortuitous and remind us of a venue we have overlooked.

On the whole though, and I can’t be the only agent to think this, we just hit delete, as it can be a bot overwhelming and there are just to many of them.

So, it’s refreshing to get something a little differently, and timely and we wanted to share a recent communication from Vue Cinemas, and their 22 reasons to consider a Cinema for events in 2022:

  1. Big Screen as standard – gives any presentation the wow factor
    2.    State of the art technology
    3.    Unrivalled comfort with our recliner seating
    4.    Unrestricted viewing with the tiered auditoriums
    5.    Amazing sound
    6.    Sony 4k projection
    7.    Dedicated event spaces
    8.    Delegate number flexibility – screens from 25 to 537 seats
    9.    Choice of 91 UK and Ireland locations
    10.  Multi-site Hybrid ready
    11.  Dedicated conference and events team
    12.  Easy booking process with one team from start to finish from concept to contract
    13.  As safe as possible in current times
    14.  Delegate peace of mind
    15.  Low general public numbers in the daytime 9am to 5pm
    16.  Focus
    17.  Impact
    18.  Large choice of refreshments including tea & coffee
    19.  Plethora of lunch and food options including breakfast rolls & Danishes, sandwiches, bento boxes, bowl food, buffets and canapes
    20.  Flexible terms and conditions in this ever-changing climate
    21.  Relaxed business experience that delivers results
    22.  Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn! – it can even be branded with the client’s logo

And they haven’t even included the commission on the email.

A snapshot like this is a great overview, especially during the current state of our industry, so it’s a nice change to read something a little different.

Think Cinemas in 2022, think Vue, and salespeople, take note – emails can be long, but make them snappy and they might just stay in agents’ inboxes a little longer!