Martin Jack from Think Different Events has contributed with this weeks blog.

How many of us had a Zoom Meeting or used Teams to communicate before the pandemic struck?

While many may have tired of the constant use of this technology and await the return of face to face meetings with colleagues, contacts and others, there is no doubt that the psychological barriers that previously prevented people actively supporting online communications have been broken.

Different Skills

For event organisers, this means we will have to adapt to the ever-changing virtual environment and learn the ‘new tricks’ of the trade.

While researching some of the available platforms, just a sample of these is noted below, it is apparent that the work of the event’s organiser will change requiring even greater ‘Technology Literacy’.

i.e. How do we translate our Communication, Interpersonal, Organisational, Creativity and Patience skills to an audience that could be anywhere in the world Synchronously and Asynchronously?

The platforms investigated do offer greater integration with the attendee’s journey through the event at the core of its design.

Speakers, Sponsors and the Client’s objectives can all be delivered to a much wider audience over a longer time span and in a sustainable manner that will support the Climate Change debate too.


However, there are a number of activities where the events team will become even more closely involved?

  • Who will create the content for these platforms and then knit them all together?
  • Who will update the content as necessary on a real time basis?
  • Who will monitor/moderate the chat and other collaborative tools that may be available?
  • Who will ensure only authenticated guests are in attendance?
  • Who will work more closely with the technicians and audience throughout the whole event?
  • Who will check that all the functionality available is being utilised correctly?
  • Who will monitor the web-based applications alongside mobile phones, tablets and any other devices?
  • Who will require a great degree of technical know-how?

The is where the Events team will bring their Communication, Interpersonal, Organisational, Creativity and Patience skills. Not face to face. Still Front of House though. It is just the House is not a venue, it is now virtual.

We look forward to working with our clients this year as we bring the technology and the people together in a seamless manner that adds genuine value to everyone involved.