We will continue to introduce our members to you and this week you will meet:

Name: Jules Alexander
Agency: Ball Associates Ltd

Your Favourite Song of All Time (& Band/Singer)?
Love on the rocks – Neil Diamond ( although I do have many more)

Who Would Play You in a Film About Your Life?
Lilo Lil from Bread ( for those of you old enough- for the youth … Google it !)

What Would Your Last Meal on Earth Be?
Fish and Chips

What’s Your Tipple? Beer, Wine, Champers?
Vodka, lime & soda

And Your Hangover Cure?
Sausage sandwich with ketchup and mustard

Beach Bum or City Slicker?
Beach Bum Baby !!!

Your Favourite Hotel in the World?
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

The Best Event You Have Ever Attended?
Guns n Roses, Milton Keynes Bowl

Three Words That Best Describe You?
Calm, Humorous, Happy

Now, Tell Us a Secret?
I’m not a real red head 🤣🤣