Donna Hodges started her events company in 2010 after having worked in a corporate background and lived in 5 different countries.

Name: Donna Hodges

Agency: Inception Events Ltd

Your Favourite Song of All Time (&Band/Singer)?

Ain’t nobody – Rufus and Chaka Khan or anything by Prince.

Who Would Play You in a Film About Your Life?

Patsy Kensit – I have been told a few times that I have a resemblance to her from the side.

What Would Your Last Meal on Earth Be?

Middle Eastern Meze with proper Tabbouleh.

What’s Your Tipple? Beer, Wine, Champers?


And Your Hangover Cure?

Anything spicy or if it is really bad, a full fat coke!

Beach Bum or City Slicker?

Beach bum or ideally a city next to the beach.

Your Favourite Hotel in the World?

Epic Sana Algarve, I feel a sense of calm every time I walk into the hotel even when I’ve been there working.

The Best Event You Have Ever Attended?

2012 Olympics opening party at the Tower of London with 3 Beefeaters and ex Olympians at our table.

The Words That Best Describes You?

Sociable, adventurous, organised (slightly OCD)

Now Tell Us a Secret?

I like to make sure everything gets used fairly, so when I put crockery away I always put plates etc. underneath what’s in the cupboard, never on top. I do the same with clothes! (slightly OCD!)