Name: Andi Swain

Agency: Evolution International

Your Favourite Song of All Time (& Band/Singer)?           

Love will tear us apart / Joy Division

Who Would Play You in a Film About Your Life?

Tim Curry

What Would Your Last Meal on Earth Be?                           

Grilled Lobster

What’s Your Tipple? Beer, Wine, Champers?                      

White wine – Albarino especially

And Your Hangover Cure?                                                           

Keep drinking – don’t let the bugger catch up

Beach Bum or City Slicker?                                                         

Absolutely beach bum

Your Favourite Hotel in the World?                                        

Peter Island Resort

The Best Event You Have Ever Attended?                            

PC answer – my children’s births. Non PC answer – Summer Series 2017 Grand Cayman with Epic Day

Three Words That Best Describe You?                                   

Up for it

Now, Tell Us a Secret?                                                                  

I worked on the first Nasdaq securitisation of UK Sub Prime debt. (Well, you did ask)