This weeks recommendations have kindly been given to us by our Vice Chair Kerry Walsh from Hatch Events.


The Netflix series ‘What If’, With Renee Zellweger and other less important actors/actresses 😊

Reasons Why:

Renee Zellweger is the lead role, a woman who had a traumatic childhood and is now a multi-million dollar lonely woman, Its probably a rip off of Indecent Proposal. As she coerces a young couple to allow her to spend a night with the husband and she will give the wife the money she needs to fund this eco warrior building firm, otherwise she faces bankruptcy. Had me wanting to watch the next episode so I must have liked it.


Barbara Streisand is one of my favourite artists of all time and this album is absolutely amazing. The album features Streisand singing duets with an all male lineup including Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Billy Joel, John Legend, John Mayer, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie and from an earlier recording Elvis Presley. The collection also features Streisand’s first studio-recorded duet with her now 47-year-old son, Jason Gould. I highly recommend it.




Business book

‘Who Moved My Cheese’, written by Dr Spencer Johnson.

Reasons why:

I recommend this as it appeals to everyone, no matter where you are in the your life.  It’s all about life and how you embrace it and given the current circumstances we are all facing with our businesses, never a more poignant time to read it.

Really easy reading, you can interpret how you want, some will think it too simple, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the fundamentals of life. Life is not straightforward and will take lots of twists and turns but it’s how we deal with it that matters, light hearted, left me feeling upbeat, excited and ready to go out and find my own ‘cheese’.

2) Trashy Novel

‘So Lucky’, written by Dawn O’Porter

Reasons why:

‘Don’t judge a woman by her cover’ never a truer word spoken, all about life and assuming everyone’s life is better than yours, the trials and tribulations of juggling every day chores of kids, partners, etc etc with the nicer things in life.

It’s all about Dawn and her friends, who have different things they need to be worrying about, it made me laugh out loud in places, sad in parts but great for a holiday read.