To continue our series, AIEA Recommends, Anna Johnsson from Team Umbrella shares her top picks for entertainment.


As for many during lockdown, I have to admit that I watched a lot more films and series that I would normally do and Netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime have been my savior. And one series in particular that I got really hooked on and binge watched was Dexter. Dexter Morgan is a brilliant character, during the day he works as a forensic technician for the police department and during the night he kills off those whose crimes have slipped through the net of justice. His day job has taught him to commit the perfect murders and how to thoroughly conceal the bodies and any evidence to go with it. However as his sister is also working for the very same police department it does become more and more complicated to hide his double life. Each episode is brilliantly done and the actor Michael C Hall does a fantastic job in portraying the complicated character that is Dexter Morgan. Find it on NOWTV


Most of the music I listen to is workout based, something fast and furious, something that will motivate me to work out a bit harder. During the lockdown  my lovely local gym rented out equipment to all members and hosted around 40 classes a week on zoom, enabling me to exercise more and get fitter. So for that I downloaded The Workout Mix 2020. It is a great mix of various artists from Avici, Jax Jones, Meduza, Tones and I and Lewis Capaldi, and one of my favourites The Weekend. Additionally several of these artists have some great music for relaxation as well.


It is rare that I read a book but when I do I prefer to read books that are based on a real story. And one such book is, Escape from Camp 14, written by Blaine Harden. The book tells the fascinating story of a North Korean man Shin Dong-huyk who was born inside Camp 14 one of the five sprawling political prisons north of the capital city of Pyongyang in the mountains of North Korea. Once you end up in Camp 14 or any of the other prison camps the only way out is death, especially since sentences can be imposed upon not just the convicted person, but also the following two generations. This is a moving story of the daily struggle to survive within Camp 14 and sadly for a person born and raised within the camp there really seem to be no escape except for Shin who at the time this book was released was the only survivor that had managed to escape Camp 14.