Following on from Sabine Edwards inaugural recommendations last week, AIEA Chair Paula Kelsey shares her top picks in our new series of AIEA recommends.


Whilst terrestrial TV has been pretty dire during the past few months, there have been some amazing shows available via the on-demand platforms and it has been hard to pick a favourite. However, this is a recommendation from a recommendation, as Janet in my team became addicted to this show and subsequently got me hooked! As my preference is Netflix over Sky, I did a cheeky 7-day free trial on Now TV in order to access the series, binge watched and then cancelled my subscription so there were a lot of extremely late nights!

Succession follows The Roy family – Logan Roy and his four children – controls one of the biggest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world. Succession, which was nominated for five 2019 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series, tracks their lives as they contemplate what the future will hold for them when — or if — their aging father begins to step back from the company.

It’s fairly brutal and absolutely addictive and although there is no evidence of this, loosely based on the Murdoch family, which is timely given the new three-part series on BBC2.


A little harder here, as driving is normally the opportunity to listen to any new albums or books, and with very limited mileage over the last few months (I have filled up with petrol twice since the end of March!) it’s tough to know what to suggest. I am however a creature of habit (and old) and I like what I like, so three Cd’s have been in rotation on the limited occasions I have left Cloud 9 Towers. Abba Gold never fails to disappoint and guarantees a sing along as my first choice.

Next up is Squeeze and their Greatest Hits and if you have been next to me at traffic lights when This Summer comes on then my apologies! Lastly, I have always loved Paul Heaton from his early work in the Housemartins to his more recent stuff, but The Beautiful South’s real cracker for me was 0898 with some great tracks.

It’s a popular myth that I am fixed in the 80’s but I have eclectic taste and also love a bit of Northern Soul (I get my kicks out on the floor makes my top 10 of all time!).


This has been one of the strangest changes in my personal habits since lockdown. Beforehand I could and needed to, read each and every night in order to switch off and fall asleep – and I could get through a book a week and was continually charging my Kindle.

Whether my Twitter addiction has made me less able to concentrate or whether the additional responsibilities lockdown has imposed, I have only managed two books since March and neither has been terribly inspiring.

I am not a lover of chick-lit or romance rubbish so I have been revisiting  all of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child (Tom Cruise is woefully miscast in the film version of Never Go Back) and speed reading/flicking through – and also The Street Lawyer by John Grisham – which is probably my  favourite of his titles. However, the most recent book I really enjoyed also by Grisham is The Guardians, which focuses on the fight to free an innocent man against some truly ruthless people who will do all they can to prevent the fight for justice.

It was a Sunday Time’s and Express Best Seller last year and well worth a read if you enjoy this genre.